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Direct Welding is a certified Air Liquide gas distributor.

ARCAL™ Range of Gases

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ARCAL™ offers a full range of high-quality, ready-to-use shielding gas solutions.

Compliant with ISO 14175 and AWS-A5.32 standards, our pure, stable gases and mixtures are strictly prepared and packaged for safe handling. Whichever product you choose, you will receive high-quality shielding gas that can be mixed on-site or delivered in cylinders.

ARCAL™ products offer guaranteed quality

At Direct Welding, we see the shielding gases for arc welding differently. In a market featuring a multitude of similar products, we aim at helping you with a clever offer. And we believe that cleverness doesn’t have to be complex. Actually, simple is a lot smarter. It’s only then that you can concentrate on the issues that truly count for your welding operations, like ensuring the confidence that comes with a gas solution that’s reliable, simple, and always high performing. We have put the simple back into arc welding, without taking away any of our quality and safety.
Through a spirit of innovation and a commitment to high performance with simplicity, we aim at pushing the welding gas market forward.

A supply mode adapted to your needs ARCALTM products is available in cylinders, bundles, or in liquid form according to your needs. Whatever your consumption, we provide our gases and mixtures with the best supply mode ensuring quality, consistency, and ease of use.

High productivity and overall cost management are obtained by:

  • High welding speeds
  • Excellent penetration profiles
  • Extra-low spattering
  • Excellent pool appeal

High-quality results are due to:

  • Controlled impurity level
  • Consistent and homogeneous mix
  • Extra-low humidity and oxygen levels particularly in plasma or TIG processes

Four ready-to-weld argon mixture solutions cover virtually all welding application needs. Each mixture was designed to be reliable and simple, yet high performing.

ARCAL™ Prime

ARCAL™ Prime is our primary high-quality shielding product for most welding situations, including TIG and plasma welding of all materials such as titanium, MIG welding of aluminum and copper alloys, and universal root shielding of all materials. 99.999% argon ensures reliable integrity of the weld bead making ARCAL™ Prime the pure gas solution for your arc welding needs.

ARCAL™ Chrome

ARCAL™ Chrome is the simplest, most efficient gas mixture for all stainless-steel MAG welding situations. This product matches with chromium – the key component of steels for corrosion resistance. From household appliances to chemical vessels and pipes, for both austenitic and ferritic stainless steels, ARCAL™ Chrome offers brilliant welding performance.

ARCAL™ Speed

ARCAL™ Speed is the essential arc welding gas when weld time is a critical factor. Expertly mixed for high-travel speed and high-deposition rate MAG welding of carbon steels, it is ideal for automatic and robotic applications. Highly adaptable with low fume and spatter emissions that reduce post-welding operations, ARCAL™ Speed is an obvious choice when high productivity is needed without sacrificing quality.

ARCAL™ Force

ARCAL™ Force is our most powerful, ready-to-weld solution for MAG welding of heavy carbon steel structures. From earthmoving and agricultural equipment to bridge building and ship modules, ARCAL™ Force was engineered with heavy use in mind. No matter the surface – oxidized or contaminated, gapped or mismatched – ARCAL™ Force is ready for your toughest and most challenging welding applications.


We stock LPG gas from 9KG-48KG cylinders including Forklift 19KG gas cylinders. Please note that we do not fill LPG gas cylinders on our premises but work strictly on a full for empty exchange basis. 

We offer competitive pricing on all our gases.

We carry a wide variety of products from all the top manufacturers of welding equipment and welding supplies.

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